Ambition breaks like a cobweb caught by a sudden, violent gust.  The unexpected catches the elite Ravanguard and its motley men off-guard as they attempt a second time to press into Prenia.  Stripped of his past life and even his name, Kerr Jaro, now called “Nameless” among his peers must adapt to a lifestyle cast in shadows, forced to trust the condemned men around him and earn their trust, as well as a new name if he expects to survive the campaign lest he be cast into one of the great chasms.  

To the south in Talsem, the greatest nation the world has seen and its great cause to establish a unified Coalition among the Claimed Lands, the capital city wakes to find horrific murders taking place at random throughout the city Districts and Senator Gaelia Rona looks for allies to aid her support of the king as opposition stirs the city like a hive ready to burst.

Immigrant and young dreamer, Ulukip Merscit, searches for answers as he learns of the deeper secrets that plague Talsem City, caught in a net as he’s forced to rely on a forgotten power to outsmart nightmares made of flesh.