Adam Henderson was born in the geographically oddity that is the ‘Gateway to Death Valley’, otherwise known as Ridgecrest, CA, which is set on the right hipbone of the Mojave Desert several hours away from everything.  Sprung from a family of creative ilk, he found his desire for the wonders of writing as a high school freshman and just a year later began to tackle the proverbial herd of bulls of character and world building that slowly developed into a story with all its novice luster.

Jump to the present and he has worked his way through countless but inspiring hours of study, critique and rewriting to develop stories worth telling in his own unique voice.  Without any formal training except for his own drive to learn and get things right, he thrusts readers into worlds where burdened men, women and children are forced to make decisions based on little outside knowledge of grander schemes that may or may not result in their victories and/or defeats.  Throw in some great action, vivid scenery and dripping sarcasm and you get a wad of epic narrative that dares you to turn the page.

Married and working as a technical writer/editor in his hometown, Adam enjoys a full life of serving his community, playing drums and bass and improving his culinary skills one botched recipe at a time.  A sports and film fan, he finds inspiration everywhere, discovering it’s people that fuel his writing.