Lost Season 1 Re-watch: …In Translation

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The open-eye motif continues with Jin while he’s on the beach but we move straight into the first Flashback.  So hear we go!

Flashback:  Jin is in a ritzy room, standing in front of Sun’s father all demure and silent until he asked why he wants to marry Sun.  Giving all the right answers to Sun’s father who is definitely putting out some scary/mafia-like vibes, it all ends with Jin getting the blessing to marry Jin but the cost requires him to work for her father.  The flashbacks are intersected throughout the episode showing us Jin’s starts as a loving, gentle husband but things turn and do so quickly (I’ll get to that).

Back on the beach, Jin sees Sun down a ways strut out in a bikini.  Well wouldn’t you know it, he’s not happy to see her “flaunting” (he thinks she’s doing this but that’s not her intention if you’ve been paying attention seeing her wear layers on a beach).  Everyone of the group is watching when Jin tries to cover his wife up and they’re all a bit nonchalant about the encounter, finding it somewhat typical. Well, our “Mystery Island Father of the Year” nominee (would he really be the winner?), Michael, is not impressed with just watching and intervenes.  Before things before him and Jin can come to fiery fisticuffs, Sun slaps Michael leaving him shocked.

In the caves, Jin asks Sun point blank if there’s anything between her and Michael.  She blows it off as nonsense but Jin’s not an idiot and can tell there’s something there (not romantic of course but Michael knows her secret of knowing English).  Jin storms off and Sun goes to find Michael to apologize for her slap. Michael thinks he simply put his nose in business not his own but Sun warns him that he doesn’t know what Jin is capable of and she was protecting him (interesting…).

Plot B of the episode centers around the raft Michael’s been building and it’s pretty impressive considering what he has at his disposal for supplies.  Michael’s excited to show Walt the buildings of New York City but Walt’s less than thrilled. Jack shows up to talk to Michael about the space on the raft.  Turns out there’s room for four and only one spot left. Guess who has that third spot? Yep! Sawyer. Looting supplies paid off for him. There’s also a moment between Sayid and Shannon hinting (more like nudging) that things are getting more serious between them.  Sayid wants to offer some courtesy to Boone about this but Boone’s not all that caring or surprised, seeming to expect Shannon to attach herself to a guy. She’s not happy when Sayid tries to break things off between them, tells Locke to tell Boone to stay out of her life, and goes back to Sayid saying they all get a new start on the island (Locke’s message to everyone).

That night Kate and Sun are talking and Kate asks how much longer Sun will let Jin treat her the way he does.  Sun defends Jin, saying he was not always the harsh type, reiterating what she said to Michael. Things take a turn when raised voices alert them to something happening.  Charlie announces the raft is on fire and despite their best efforts, the flames engulf the craft. Michael is irate (as expected) and asks Sun where Jin is, accusing him of the crime.  Others agree with Michael while Jack tries to defend Jin. Sun runs off and funds Jin in the caves trying to treat burns on his hands and forearms (yeesh, looks like he might have done it).

Flashback:  Jin gets a promotion and is told to go deliver a message of displeasure to the Secretary of Environmental Safety from his father-in-law.  He does so and while Mr. Secretary thinks he’s going to get some physical message, Jin does not deliver that. As a thank you, Mr. Secretary gives Jin the puppy we saw him give Sun in their previous episode.  Connection time! We see the secretary’s daughter watching tv and who is on screen: Hurley!!! That’s interesting. Why would Hurley be on tv? The answer to that is coming on the next episode. Failing to deliver the message expected by his father-in-law, Jin gets a tongue lashing and before another thug employee can do use a gun, Jin intervenes and uses his fists, making sure nothing worse happens to Mr. Secretary.

Jin is out hiding and finds a stream to cool his burn wounds but Sawyer surprises him, knocks him out, and takes him prisoner back to the beach.  Once at the beach, Michael confronts Jin and Jack is called down by Sayid and others to let them settle their differences. Jin gets quite the beating from Michael (he doesn’t fight back at all, which is interesting) before Sun screams in English for Michael to stop.  Everyone’s shocked and Jin most of all. Sun tries to defend him saying Jin was trying to put out the fire but Sawyer doesn’t believe her. Locke interrupts to remind everyone that they’re not the only people on the island, being kidnapped, killed, and sabotaged. This defuses the quarrel as people take his words to heart.

Flashback:  Jin arrives at a fishing village and greets his father, whom he has led everyone in his life to be dead.  Jin apologizes and looks for reconciliation with his father which he gets. He explains his new life and his father encourages him to take Sun to America and disappear.  This all gives new light to what we saw in the airport when he showed her the flower and made her stay with him rather than fake a kidnapping and death.

The episode ends with Michael deciding to build a new raft despite not having the supplies he needs anymore.  Locke offers to play a game of backgammon with Walt and asks why Walt burned the raft (what?!) Walt explains he wants to stay on the island.  Locke understands and promises not to reveal what he did. Sun and Jin are obviously on the outs. He doesn’t want to speak to her, feeling betrayed, while she tries to explain herself (without ever doing so).  The next morning Michael is working and Jin shows up with bamboo, saying “boat” to make it clear he means to get off the island.

I actually like this episode more than I thought I would.  There are things I’ve missed about Jin and I actually think he’s just as complex a character as someone like Sawyer or Jack.

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