Lost Season 1 Re-watch: Outlaws

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The episode kicks off with a young Sawyer (remember, his real name is James) waking up from his father banging against the front door, screaming to be let in the house.  Sawyer’s mom comes in and urges him to hide under his bed, mentioning his father will think he’s at his grandparents’ house. While Sawyer hides, his mom goes to confront her angry husband.  A gunshot follows and Sawyer watches as his father enters his bedroom, sits on his bed, and shoots himself.

Sawyer wakes up in his tent and finds a boar rooting around.  His actions to get rid of the beastly intruder costs him his tent and much of his looted personal items were scattered.  Chasing the boar into the jungle, Sawyer comes to a stop and starts to hear whispers all around him before the very distinct phrase, “It’ll come back around,” is uttered and leaves us officially creeped out.

Kate and Jack are putting the guns back in the suitcase and Jack makes mention one remains and guess who has it?  Yes, our favorite Tennessee confidence man, Sawyer. Jack tells Kate not to worry about getting the gun back because he doesn’t want her to owe Sawyer anything.  Kate of course doesn’t listen.

Plot B for this episode is more to do with the aftermath of Charlie’s killing Ethan, which I actually applaud the show for not forgetting about addressing since it was just an episode ago.  Charlie’s distanced himself from folks especially Claire. He does get help from Hurley to bury Ethan and Hurley takes it upon himself to ask Sayid about PTSD, thinking Charlie may be suffering from it.  Sayid talks to Charlie and tells him he’s not alone and shouldn’t act as if he is.

Flashback:  Sawyer’s carrying on his favorite game of taking a woman who is likely married to a wealthy man into a hotel room for a little amorous time.  They’re interrupted by none other than the T-1000 (no, seriously, Robert Patrick makes an appearance!) whose name is Hibbs and has some history with Sawyer.  Trying to settle some unknown friction between them, Hibbs hands over a dossier with the whereabouts of one: John Connor (HA! I couldn’t resist!). No, actually, the dossier has info on a Frank Duckett who is in Sydney and ran his mouth on apparently getting a mark to kill his wife and himself back when Sawyer was a kid.  Yep, Duckett went by Frank Sawyer, making him the man behind our Sawyer’s misery.

Kate and Sayid have their fair share of fun teasing Sawyer about his misfortune with the boar.  He heads off into the jungle to find his tarp and when he does, he hears the whispers again along with the phrase, “It’ll come back around,” again.  He gets chased and knocked into some mud and feels things have gone the route of personal vendetta now. He loads his gun and sets out again to track his furry foe.  Kate eventually shows, saying she’ll help him track the boar but only in exchange for carte blanche, saying she wants the pick of his loot whenever she wants without any question.  Sawyer agrees and they set off together.

That night around their camp fire, they play the drinking game “I Never” and we learn some trivial things about them but we do find out Kate was married at one point and that both have killed a man.  In the morning, Sawyer finds all of his stuff has scattered and even peed on by the boar while Kate’s gear is untouched. Locke shows up saying he found their trail and came to say good morning. Kate gives him the update on Sawyer’s vendetta and Locke shares a story about his sister dying as a kid, his foster mother blaming herself, and a golden retriever that showed up out of nowhere and sleep on his sister’s bed staying with the family until his mother passed.  The moral of the story was to say sometimes animals can perhaps serve as vessels to bring closure to those suffering (if you believe in such things).

Flashback:  Sawyer’s in Sydney and tracks down a guy who will sell him a handgun.  Armed and ready for vengeance, Sawyer finds Frank Duckett at his shrimp food truck and finds himself unable to follow through with his desire to end the life of the man he’s had good reason to hate.

Finding himself in a bar he drinks with someone we recognize: Christian Shepherd! Yep, that’s right, Jack-o’s pop and Sawyer crossed paths. Christian confesses Jack’s a good man and he feels gratitude for what Jack did, which you’ll recall cost him his license.  Christian talks about fate and makes mention of the Red Sox never winning the World Series (this episode aired back before the team won back in 2004). Not knowing Sawyer’s business in Sydney, he convinces Sawyer to see through with his plans which Sawyer does and guns down Duckett back at his shrimp truck.  Sawyer reads his letter to the dying Duckett and realizes Duckett owed Hibbs money and is actually not the man behind the deaths of his parents. Sawyer got conned to kill a man who simply owed Hibbs a debt… Before he dies, Duckett says those creepy words we’ve heard in the jungle, “It’ll come back around”.

Sawyer and Kate find a piglet that likely belongs to the adult boar and while Sawyer uses it as bait for the momma boar, Kate takes off not appreciating his treatment of the animal.  The momma boar shows up but when given the chance to his exact his vengeance this time, he lowers the gun.

Back at the beach, Sawyer returns his gun to Jack who makes an offhand remark that the Red Sox will never win the World Series.  When Sawyer asks what the statement means, Jack pushes it aside saying it’s something his father would say in relation to fate. Making the connection that Sawyer’s drinking partner was indeed Jack’s father, Sawyer negates to share the information, leaving us shaking our fists at him.

Overall, a strong episode that I think is underrated.  We get more info on Sawyer who is a character I think is more complex than some of the others.  We also get what I think is one of our first instances where characters are connected before the crash on the island (this is more prominent as time goes by).

Next is a Sun and Jin centric episode but that won’t be posted until November 3rd as the next Shoals to the Hallowed flash fiction post will be on the 30th.

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