Resting is Divine

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When I was fresh out of high school, released from the every day routine of waking by my shrieking alarm clock and counting down the class periods, I definitely took advantage of my youth.  I took college courses and had a part-time job at the college computer lab, which meant I didn’t usually have to be up and out of the house until 10ish most mornings.  This allowed me the freedom to stay up late and wake up even later.  Oh, the days of nocturnal delight.

I did this sort of thing for years and didn’t really change my ways until I got married.  Many a nights I wasted precious hours on video games (say Halo!).  Poker games were involved as well, which weren’t too bad because at least I was trying to win money.  However, I just think back on these days and wonder if I did anything of value.  This was a bit darker period for me because I really didn’t have a direction in life beyond taking college courses.  I had no real aspirations even though I was writing.  Unfortunately, it was during my novice years (am I still there? I have no idea) which means I was still trying to figure out what kind of writer I wanted to be.

Jump to the present and I really am appreciating rest more than ever.  Now it may have to do with having a newborn (why can’t they fall asleep on their own?  I mean kittens and puppies can.  Why can’t babies?) and perhaps my age now being in my thirties has something to do with it.  Whatever it is, I truly value what rest can do for my body and mind.  If I get to sleep early, I am just more pleasant to be around throughout the day.  Shocker!

Rest doesn’t have to be limited to a reasonable bedtime either.  Some nights I find myself just wanting there to be no noise as I wind down.  It’s rare but even reading before going to bed helps me simmer down.  I say all this to encourage rest in your life.  Busyness can break you down faster than anything else (well everything except crack) and I hate to think we as a society let ourselves become little more than over-stressed zombies needing a Red Bull just to get through the day.

Point in fact, just the other night, I ended up going into work later than I usually do because the baby had a fever (most likely a reaction to vaccines earlier in the day).  Now, I do need to admit that I am a creature of habit and routine.  If I get off my routine for a workday, I feel out of sorts the rest of the day.  My inner clock just feels wonky.  So, I went in later than usual but also got more sleep than I usually do.  It didn’t cost me much if anything at all so I hope this adjustment helps.  (By the way, the baby is fine.  The fever broke by morning and he’s his usual baby self, smiling and filling our hearts with love.)

By the Way:  If I had been better prepared, I would have realized the 18th was the 10 year anniversary of what I consider to be not only the best comic movie but also a top ten film on my personal favorite list.  So, I’ve included this video to celebrate why “The Dark Knight” is so amazing.


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