Sunday Levity: Fun Out From the Sun

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Yeah, I’m bringing more fun facts (I’ve been on a kick lately) today and it’s way to hot outside so here’s some learning to share.  Enjoy!

I’ll use this as an excuse for my poor test taking during high school and college (my GPA was never that bad though).

PSA: Stay away from reading memoirs of serial killers.

Maybe if I had known this during high school, my studying for tests would have been more effective!

Not so sure about this one… Have you seen the way doctors write?

Pretty sure my wife and I were this way early on in our relationship.

Have a great week everyone! I have some big news to share on Wednesday and Saturday will be the newest Shoals to the Hallowed flash fiction post.

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  1. Hannah Hamilton

    I am down with the handwriting thing, I’ve had notoriously bad handwriting. I also go so fast in my brain that I’ll combine two words in one, neither written fully. That’s probably not intelligence though 😂

    • ahenderson

      That’s crazy! I don’t think I’ve ever done that (not that I can remember). I just don’t write fast but I actually think my handwriting is kind of…boring. I think that’s the best word to describe it, lol.

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