Sunday Levity: Book Store Signs

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I’ve decided if I ever own a business, it will be a bookstore. I may even look at investing in a bookstore when I retire.  If I do, it will be vibrant with sarcasm, puns, and general book humor.  You know it will.  Put it in the ground, pour water on it, and let the sun shine, I will own a bookstore when I retire.

Also, I will have a coffee bar, writing corner for writers, and plenty of reading nooks and couches.  Invest now!

4 Responses

  1. Shelli

    I have your coffee bar and fresh baked goods covered! ☕️🥐🍩🍪

  2. Hannah Hamilton

    Those are the best! And I would love to own a book store 😍

    • ahenderson

      Right? It just seems like the perfect business to run. Not too crazy.

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